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See what other people are saying about our Reflections at Highpoint apartments! At Reflections at Highpoint Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


i lived here for more than two years. I had absolutely no problems the whole time. The staff were wonderful. They were very friendly and helpful especially gabby. The unit was beautiful and clean. There were no insects at all. The maintenance was available whenever I needed them. I had a great experience. It was a very pleasant place. I highly recommend this place.


Great Apartment Complex and one of the best Management groups that I've ever experienced


they straight. get things done pretty fast. was 2burgularies since I been here but police acted fast


I've lived at two separate apartments at Reflections at Highpoint so far. A two bedroom in building three and a one bedroom in building five (my move was from the one bedroom to the two, just a natural move due to needing more space). And overall I've been very satisfied. I've only seen the occasional roach (perhaps one every couple of months) which I assumed was due to my own poor housekeeping more than the apartment itself. I always figured that living off the ground floor helps with regards to possible roach issues. My experience with the office staff has been wonderful. There was a period where, due to the postal service, the automatic payments set up through my bank were not reaching the office in time. This happened multiple months in a row before I canceled the automatic payments and started paying with checks. However during this time, I was able to work with the office staff and together we were able to work these issues out. I was not charged a penny in fees. My view on the overall security and maintenance of the complex is that the staff is doing the best they can in a difficult situation. While I have not heard of any muggings, I am aware of two shootings on the premises during my two year stay here. It may seem that this is an insecure apartment complex but that certainly isn't for lack of trying. It's a gated community, with burglar alarms in each apartment, multiple locks on the doors, and an armed guard on site every evening. I've heard that other complexes in this area have experienced similar issues. So I attribute the security issues to the fact that we are so close to the DART and that this is a low income area. As far as maintenance goes I also believe that it's an issue the staff tries their best given their limited resources. I believe that these are fairly old apartments, which makes the maintenance more difficult and there are a few reoccurring issues which are most likely things the staff is incapable of handling on their own. The gate doesn't function correctly about 20% of the time. It seems to run off it's track. This is always promptly fixed and I've never known it to be broken for more than a few hours at a time. This may also be caused by abusive residents. They've also had reoccurring issues with leaks in the main pipes under the parking lot. I believe these issues have been reoccurring because it's a problem that requires special skills to fix and the contractor is probably not performing. During my two year stay here I've only been without water three or four times but never without prior notice or for more than 6 hours at a time. The pools are typically pretty dirty. They used to do a better job of keeping it clean but I don't blame the staff for the recent drop in pool cleanliness. The pool is at a low point in the complex (which was a very silly design choice). Because of this fact, every time it rains the run off mud/dirt always ends up in the pool. That's got to be difficult to clean. So in conclusion, I feel that while Reflections at Highpoint faces some very tough and systematic issues their kind and highly competent staff keep this complex running mostly smoothly and make it an excellent choice for economy living.

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